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PRODUCTS | Solar Pool Pump

It has never been a better time to harness the power of the sun and the intelligence of an Ecoplus solar powered pool pump to provide you with a clean, sparkling energy-saving pool.

Why not save money and the environment at the same time with a solar pool pump.

It’s hard to believe that pool pumps are amongst the top energy consumers around the home. But it’s true. Fact is that pool pumps can, quite shockingly, cost the homeowner as much as $2,000 per year in electricity costs.

With an Ecoplus solar powered pool pump, you’ll never pay another electricity bill for your pool pump. A solar pool pump will:

  • Operate all day for free
  • Does not require batteries
  • Provides 100% return on initial outlay
  • Delivers effortless, stress-free crystal clear pool cleaning
The Ecoplus Solution: Cost-Effective Solar Powered DC Pool Pump & Filtration Systems

Not only are Ecoplus’ pool pump systems solar, meaning you don’t have to rely on mains anymore, they also employ highly efficient brushless Direct Current (DC) technology. This is opposed to the traditional Alternating Current (AC) motors that conventional mains pool pumps use.

An Ecoplus DC Solar Pool Pump will:

  • Operate at approximately double the efficiency of an AC motor;
  • Operate on days where there is minimal light and partial sunshine;
  • Use a smaller motor than a conventional AC system;
  • Smaller DC motor means less solar panels and less money is required to run the more efficient system;
  • Last up to three times longer than a traditional AC pool pump motor;
  • There’s no need for an inverter with current travelling straight from the panel to the pump, thereby avoiding significant energy losses along the way;
  • Have the option to employ feed-in tariff from an existing solar system to maximise returns;
  • Use quiet brushless technology operation instead of noisy, loud pumps; and,
  • Clean your pool all day for free.

At Ecoplus, we are the experts in solar powered pool pumps. Our specialists will provide a free design and quote in one easy step. Based on some essential data, such as the size of your pool, available roof space, orientation and runs, we’ll work out the right system to meet your needs.

It’s never been easier to use the sun to clean your pool with Ecoplus’ solar DC pool pumps. Contact one of our experts today to get a step closer to an energy-saving pool system.