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“Water heating accounts for 25 per cent of the energy used in an average home and is responsible for 23 per cent of the total greenhouse gas emissions from home energy use” 1

At Ecoplus, we only go with the best. When you decide on a hot water system from Ecoplus, you can be rest assured that you are installing the best. All our major components and systems are:

  • Certified to Australian Standards
  • Hail resistant certified
  • Certified freeze tested to -15 degrees
  • Under a long life warranty
  • Certified for STCs (i.e. solar rebates) and other local, state and federal government rebates
Solar Hot Water System Options

At Ecoplus, we offer quality solar hot water systems to suit your individual requirements: Split Systems (Evacuated Tube & Flat Plate) and Non-Split Systems (Close Coupled).

1. Split Systems

A. Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Split Systems which offer:

  • Extreme efficiency in non-optimal conditions (e.g. cool and cloudy)
  • Top performance in winter
  • Heat retention of up to 97%
  • A ground tank that makes them Ideal for difficult installation sites
  • Although north facing is preferred, they also work facing NE, E, NW
    and W
  • Resistance to frost and hail
  • Individual tubes can be replaced if damaged
  • A collector with a series of tubes and two layers of glass between them creating a vacuum and preventing heat loss
  • Tubes containing copper pipes and holding liquid that superheats, transferring the heat to water that’s circulated from the ground tank.

B. Flat Plate Solar Collectors – Split Systems:

  • Are the most common
  • Can produce up to 80% of savings in terms of hot water costs
  • Also have a ground tank
  • Operate at maximum efficiency when the sun directly hits the panel
  • Are less efficient in winter (i.e. heat loss)
  • Look better than non-split s, close coupled systems
  • Differ to evacuated tube systems due to actual tank’s water flowing through the panels
  • North facing is preferable
  • Are susceptible to frost damage due to water flow through panels; however, Ecoplus supplies only quality systems with good frost protection

2. Non-Split System

A. Close Coupled Systems:

  • Have the water tank / cylinder positioned on roof alongside the solar panels (non-split system)
  • Uses the sun to heat the collector panels, with the heat being transferred to water in the cylinder
  • Are economical
  • Experience a reduction in efficiency in cool and cold climates
  • Typically use mains pressure
Choosing a Solar Hot Water System: Key Considerations

When choosing a Solar Hot Water System that’s right for you, some of the following should be considered:

  • Roof space (suitability and space)
  • Frost risk
  • Number of people residing in the home
  • How much hot water is required
  • Water consumption patterns (e.g. is everyone using the hot water at once)
  • Efficiency of the water heater system
  • Purchase and operating costs

Ecoplus are experts in the supply, design and installation of solar hot water systems. Our quality in-house plumbers and electricians are highly experienced and can install a system in next to no time. It is our guarantee that we will provide great service before, during and after installation.

Contact us today to speak with an Ecoplus solar hot water system specialist and arrange a consultation.


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