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Do you want to …
Save money on your ever-increasing water bills?
Do your bit for the environment?
Escape water restrictions?

With a quality rainwater harvesting system from Ecoplus you can do all this and more.

An Ecoplus rainwater harvesting system is designed to suit your exact water catchment requirements; provide you with quality, clean water; and, maximise the amount of rain you collect.

The Many Uses of Rainwater

Individuals, families, households and commercial businesses use harvested rain in a myriad of ways. Depending upon their requirements and local council regulations, harvested rainwater can be used for such activities as: drinking; gardening; bathing; laundry; toilet flushing; replenishing pools; washing cars; supplying hot water systems; and, bushfire protection.

The Benefits of Harvesting Rain

Typically, the benefits of using harvested rainwater are either ecological or economic. In terms of environmental benefits, using less / conserving mains water and lessening the amount of stormwater runoff are two major advantages. This in itself will improve the quality of stormwater runoff eventually entering the environment.

Using less mains water also helps the hip pocket. With the cost of water continuing to increase, it makes sense to be less reliant on mains water. Harvested rain can also be a form of asset defence, protecting and sustaining your gardens, lawns and cars.

Rainwater Harvesting Options: Tanks & Accessories

At Ecoplus, we provide the best in quality rainwater harvesting solutions. For this reason, we offer our customers two main types of tanks: Polyethylene and AQUAPLATE.

  • Polyethylene. Also known as poly tanks, these are an affordable solution. Manufactured from food grade UV20 polyethylene, these tanks are UV and corrosion resistant; durable; long lasting; do not affect the taste or smell of the water; and, are easy to transport. Also, because they’re manufactured in a rotational mould, there are no joins or weak spots to split apart under strain. They also have a ten year warranty.
  • AQUAPLATE. These tanks are made from BlueScope AQUATPLATE steel and have a food-grade polymer lining that is fused to a corrosion resistant steel base. AQUAPLATE tanks comply with the Australian Standard 4020:1999 (water for human consumption) and have a twenty year warranty. They are split resistant; rust resistant; durable; easy to maintain; strong; and, are able to be recycled.

These tanks come in all sizes and shapes to suit your unique requirements:

  • Slimline. Space efficient and able to fit into tight spots.
  • Round. Small to large, these be used to supplement or replace mains water.
  • Underground. Out of sight and able to be placed under driveways.
  • Underdeck. Low profile, space efficient, out of sight tanks that fit nicely under a deck.
  • Bladders. A portable solution when the solid alternative is inconvenient.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Packages. Ecoplus supplies entire systems, not just tanks.

At Ecoplus, we also supply and install all the water tank accessories you require to harvest rain. From diverters and filtration (overflow pipes, alert devices and screens, strainers, strainer covers, leaf eaters and insect proofers) to pumps, fire plugs to tank safety hatches, tank stands to level monitors, Ecoplus can help.

Choosing a Rainwater System: Major Considerations

Before selecting a rainwater system that’s right for you, some things you should consider upfront are:

  • What the system will be used for (e.g. garden, laundry, kitchen)?
  • What volume of water will be needed?
  • Where will the system be located (e.g. bushfire area, ocean side)?
  • Where will the tank be positioned (e.g. narrow area, large space)?
  • What is the catchment area of your roof?
  • What water conservation devices do you have in your home?
  • What is the average volume and pattern of rainfall in your area?
  • What council regulations apply?

At Ecoplus, we are the rain harvesting specialists. Our systems are approved to the highest of quality standards and product certifications. We offer solid replacement warranties on each rain harvesting product and service we supply.

So, contact an Ecoplus rain harvesting expert today to discuss a solution that is right for you. We can supply, design and install your entire rainwater harvesting system from start to finish.