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With an Ecoplus LED Lighting solution, you get the best of all worlds –
enormous energy, money and eco savings.

Just by changing the lighting in your home or business, you can simply and painlessly reduce energy consumption and help protect the environment. Lighting costs approximately $2 billion dollars in electricity each year. By installing energy efficient lighting, however, this figure can be reduced by up to 66%.

In Australia, lighting is responsible for approximately 12% of electricity usage from households and 25% of electricity used by the commercial sector.1 Some research even suggests that electricity usage in the home could be as high as 18 to 22% of the total energy bill. The Australian Government has also noted that lighting is responsible for 37% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Up until recently, LED lighting was considered an emerging technology in terms of lighting quality and high costs; however, LEDs are now a real and viable option, especially for replacing halogen downlights.

Types of Household Lighting

At present, there are four main types of lighting used in homes and commercial businesses. Some of these are more energy efficient than others:

  • Incandescent. This is the traditional lighting used in homes due to its affordability. Exceedingly inefficient, the lifespan of this type of lighting is short.
  • Fluorescent. A type of lighting that has quickly replaced the incandescent due to its energy efficiency and long lifespan (approx. 8,000 hours). Using nearly one quarter the energy of an incandescent to produce similar lighting levels, fluorescent lighting produces minimal heat.
  • Halogen. Although there are energy efficient options, halogen lighting is not suitable for large household spaces due to its focusing effect. In order to light a larger room, multiple halogen lights are required, thereby using more energy.
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). A highly efficient lighting source, LEDs have traditionally been used in a numerous applications (e.g. appliances and traffic lights). However, due to its energy efficiency, LED lighting is being used in more and more applications.
The EcoPlus Lighting Choice: Advantages of LED Lighting

Ecoplus specialises in supplying LED Lighting solutions to homeowners and businesses. We choose LED lighting because of the many advantages they offer, some of which include:

  • LEDs are touted as being the next generation of lighting.
  • LEDs provide energy savings of up to 90% of traditional lighting.
  • The operating life of a LED is around 30,000 hours (Halogens last approx. 3,000 hours).
  • A LED light will produce up to 64% less heat than a halogen (also saving on cooling costs).
  • LEDs do not have mercury vapour or lead as in other lighting types.
  • LEDs instantly provide light rather than having to warm up.
  • Depending upon the scenario, with a LED light you can get your money back in less than three years due to the energy savings.
  • LEDs provide more light per watt than an incandescent.
  • In comparison to other lighting types, LEDs release the highest light output per watt.
  • LEDs are perfect for on-off situations.
  • LED lighting comes in warm white, white and cool white colours.
Why LED Lighting?

LED lighting offers the home and business owner enormous energy savings. This advanced lighting technology not only reduces the cost of lighting, a large chunk of our standard electricity bill, but also provides individuals with the opportunity to dramatically decrease their ecological footprint and use less greenhouse gas. For instance, when you take into consideration the impact that you will make if you replace say 30 halogen lights with LEDs, the savings – financially and environmentally – are enormous.

Why Ecoplus for all your LED Lighting Requirements?

Whether you are seeking general advice about energy efficient lighting, would like to upgrade your lighting technology, or are after a solution that’s just right for you, the Ecoplus lighting experts are able to supply you with a highly customised fix that matches your needs. A LED lighting solution with Ecoplus will save you money on energy costs – both now and in the future – and help you tread more lightly on the environment.

Contact one of our Ecoplus energy efficient lighting consultants today to find out how you can use LED lighting to your best advantage.


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