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Energy loss from your home is costing you money and increasing your ecological footprint, producing more greenhouse gas. Ecoplus’ Home Energy Loss Prevention Plan (HELPP) can help you to decrease your energy costs and your impact upon the environment.

The Homeowner’s Energy Challenge

Homeowners seem to be facing a set of unsurmountable challenges when it comes to electricity costs. It’s no surprise to find out that electricity costs are rising. We hear it in the daily news more and more. Not only do consumers seem powerless to stop it, governments do also. On top of this, it’s so easy to waste energy in our homes. This chart shows some of the biggest users of energy in the average home. All too often, our energy consumption seems to be out of control and it is our hip pocket that’s funding it all.

This is where Ecoplus can help. Ecoplus has assisted many homeowners turn all this around with HELPP – Home Energy Loss Prevention Plan. We can help you too!

What is HELPP?

Ecoplus' Home Energy Loss Prevention Plan provides homeowners with the comprehensive knowledge they need in order to reduce energy loss and wastage in their home. The Plan identifies where, when, why and how energy loss is occurring in and around the home. A set of recommendations to the homeowner to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy loss is arrived at. The homeowner is then free to implement these recommendations in the manner they best see fit. Ecoplus would love to be with you every step of the way!

Areas included in Ecoplus' HELPP Assessment

A comprehensive energy check-up of the home is included. This will involve carrying out a number of tests and inspections in order to determine where your home is losing energy. The Ecoplus Home Energy Loss Prevention expert will:

  1. Identify the characteristics of the home (e.g. window number and size, wall areas)
  2. Analyse residents’ behaviours (e.g. number of residents, hours at home, electricity bills)
  3. Identify air leaks internally and externally (e.g. around windows)
  4. Examine the home’s insulation (e.g. type, installation)
  5. Analyse the heating and cooling used in the home
  6. Analyse the lighting used throughout the home
  7. Examine all the appliances and electronics in use
What You Will Receive in Ecoplus' HELPP Plan

An Ecoplus HELPP Plan will include:

  • A customised report, specifically targeted at reducing energy in your home
  • The findings of the HELPP Assessment
  • Advice & Information from our qualified experts
  • A set of suggested recommendations to follow in order to reduce energy loss
  • An estimate based on up-to-date technological performance and costs (including information on payment plans)
  • Indicative savings for each suggested measure
  • Prioritisation of cost-effective measures you can take
  • Assistance with approval from councils or landlords
The Value of Ecoplus’ HELPP Plan: Current & Future

An Ecoplus HELPP Plan provides both immediate and future value to homeowners.

Apart from lowering electricity bills, increasing energy savings, increasing home comfort, uncovering hidden problems within the home and protecting the environment, an Ecoplus HELPP Plan is also an investment in the future. Given that electricity prices are continuing to rise, introducing steps now to offset future price rises is a no brainer. Furthermore, by increasing the energy efficiency of your home, its market value will also increase. As such, acting on Ecoplus’ HELPP Plan will be of benefit to you now and in the future.

HELPP Example: The Hartnett Family. A family of five, the Hartnett family lives in a heritage home in Glenelg. They recently had a new roof added to their home and a reverse air system. They try to maintain a balance of heritage features and energy efficiency. But they knew more needed to be done as their electricity bill was still high. Ecoplus’ HELPP Assessment revealed that the main culprit was air leaks and that a large amount of air was leaking in and out of the home. It also identified exactly where these leaks were occurring. Based on the Ecoplus HELPP Plan’s recommendation, foam insulation, sealing around ducts and a barrier in the attic was applied. The outcome was a saving of over $550 per year off their electricity bill, a more comfortable home with no cold draughts and the significant reduction of greenhouse gas.

Next Steps with Ecoplus

Step 1: Contact us to book a HELPP assessment with Ecoplus
Step 2: Organise a time that's convenient for you
Step 3: An Ecoplus expert will come to your home and conduct an assessment
Step 4: Based on the findings of the assessment, we will develop a HELPP Plan so you can make cost-effective energy efficiency improvements 
Step 5: Sit back, relax and experience energy savings

To find out more about Ecoplus’ Home Energy Loss Prevention Plan or to book a consultation, contact  one of our experts today.