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PRODUCTS | Energy Leak Analysis

Research by the Australian Government found “draught sealing of houses is the most efficient method of achieving direct energy savings”. Up to 40% of your heating and cooling energy can literally be leaking out the window. Even more important, the University of Tasmania in 2009 found in a study that improving the building improved people’s health! A proper seal up process can improve the heating/cooling efficiency of your home by 50% or more.

Ecoplus has technology and staff accredited to North American standards (which are higher than Australia’s) to ensure you access the best testing process in the world.

  • The average home experiences 5-6 air changes/hour
  • An air pressure test of your home with thermal imaging detects gaps in the building envelope. Gaps are then sealed up by our team

A sealed home is more comfortable to live in plus more energy efficient Householders with low or no air-conditioning use will still benefit on a lifestyle front

The assessment process provides a detailed report on the actual current performance and what can be achieved by proceeding

EcoPlus brings a unique level of scientific rigour with its computerised test equipment.